Special Projects: Vacuum-tight Water Bubbler

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This international request was right up our ally. The client presented sketches, as well as a good description of what they needed. A little back-and-forth cleared up any ambiguites.

The clients writes "The bath where we plan to insert the bubbler is shown below (width of the bath is 130 mm). Your guess 'I’m guessing the reason you have raised the position of the flanges upward is to allow the clamping to be above the bath' is correct. The thermostatic bath is mixed well with the circulator, so the body with OD 110 mm is still okay."

The bubbler will be used to saturate a flowing nitrogen gas with water before the gas-mixture entrance to a reactor. The bubbler is designed for nitrogen flows up to about 45 litres/min (NTP). The bubbler needs to be vacuum compatible / vacuum tight. Connections to / from the bubbler will be 1/2" Ultra-Torr connectors."

Communicating clearly has been important in getting it right the first time, especially when we are shipping to distant parts of the world.

Vacuum-tight Water Bubbler

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