OEM Glass

Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass has been fabricating OEM glass parts for manufacturers since our beginnings, ranging from simple glassblowing jobs in large quantities, to long-term development projects. We have extensive experience in tooling glass to close tolerances as well as a full range of glassblowing equipment for both hot and cold glass working. In addition, we have developed custom ovens, machinery, and procedures to produce economic and uniform industrial and commercial glass parts.

As scientific glassblowers, we can make important contributions in determining the best and most cost-effective ways of producing your OEM glass. Send us some bytes;  we are happy to work with you.

"Tom Adams and his team have been making custom scientific glass items for CS Bio for well over 20 years. The glassware on our synthesis systems is critical and dimensions, design and other factors often vary from customer to customer. Adams and Chittenden has always been able to accommodate our many and often changing requests and have been a vital part of CS Bio’s success in the field of automated synthesizers. As we use many vendors for various parts, it is nice to have a vendor we do not need worry about."

Dario Slavazza
CS Bio Company


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OEM glassware