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" Dear Moe and team

A word of gratitude for the innovative repairs and design that you and your team delivered for our group. For the discussions, proactive suggestions and detailed sketches, the new vacuum lines we picked up exceeded our expectations and put us in awe! Your professionalism, the quality of the work delivered and proactive communication are outstanding and we look forward to continuing doing business with you! Our sincere gratitude for all the very hard work and the dedication you and your team put into those repairs.

Best wishes"
The Kodiak Science team
Product: 5 Place Schlenk Line (/images/uploads/2853.jpg)

Here's a response to a repair job.
"We received the repaired borosilicate reactor top today, where you installed a new fitting where we had broken one completely off, with sharp edges and hairline cracks.
I wanted you to know that we really appreciate your impeccable workmanship, your quick turnaround time, your reasonable price to perform the repair, and the fact that you are one of the few companies that we could find in the U.S. to do this work....

We recently received this unsolicited note from an old-time client

"Dear Tom,
I want to express my thanks to you for all the help you&rsquove given to me and my group over the years.  From last-minute repairs to innovative thinking about new designs that could achieve our goals, you and your team have made a big positive impact on our research......
...I&rsquom so glad your business is set to continue well into the future.  The science community needs it."

Sandia researcher David Osborn

A local postdoc was referred to us by their Stanford colleagues as a source for custom glassware needed for an electrochemical ammonia synthesis project. Working from previous work we had done for their department, he submitted his ideas for a cell that would best suit his purposes, which included a low volume cell that could hold a vacuum while being moved in and out of a glovebox. We worked with him on his ideas, and were delighted to get his response to his custom glassware.....

"Adams & Chittenden worked with me to design the perfect glass vessel for my postdoctoral research. They discussed design considerations with me over the phone and sent me multiple iterations of sketches via email until the design was to my liking. Their attention to detail, responsiveness, and professionalism are second to none. I also chose the expedited option (so I could start experiments as soon as possible with the new vessel), and I received the vessel exactly 3 weeks from the day the PO was sent - just as they had promised. Count me as yet another life-long customer."
Product: McShane Echem Cell (/images/uploads/2367_636d53749556a.jpg)

Adams and Chittenden helped us to customize 5 sets of electrochemical cells for our laboratory experiments.
We appreciate George for putting time and effort into understanding our custom design needs. 
It was a bit expensive for us but the quality of glass compensated for it. The support, design and quality were excellent and up to the mark.
Just a phone call away to understand & update your order details!
Thank you very much Moe and Stefka for your continuous support.
Best wishes!!
Dr Nishu Devi
Northwestern University

Once again you saved me. Words cannot describe my gratitude for all you do. In the past, it never seemed "TOO DIFFICULT" to me when I asked for a glass repair. This time, I knew things were different. The column you repaired came from a machine manufactured in Germany. A replacement would take time and cost a small fortune. You repaired it and its working good as new!
Truly a pleasure working with you. Artisans are a lost breed, for sure. You not only do fantastic work, you provide great service at very fair prices."

Repair VTA Wiped Film Evaporator
3" Wiped Film Evaporator

We have been getting a lot of requests for repairs of wiped film distillation glassware like the one pictured above. Here's another

"... All that being said I can't possibly express how pleased I have been with this experience. Your professionalism and communication has been first rate! We all cringed when you said you had to cut the top off to get the collar off...better you that us!!! Thank you again for expediting this repair, I'm anxious to get my baby back up and running.
                            All the best Chris."

"We went to Adams & Chittenden on recommendation since we needed to special order three-electrode W-cells for electrochemistry experiments. The cells came out immaculate, exactly to our specifications and needs! We can determine exact concentrations of redox-active species with these cells. Our glassblower was very flexible with us in working out the kinks in our original design. Thanks for the craftsmanship and professionalism."
Happy Monday,
Felipe Pereiro
NEUP Graduate Research Fellow

A happy customer writes about a standard piece of laboratory glass doing what it is supposed to:
"I had remembered seeing in a photo some time back of a sep funnel ( I didn&rsquot know what I was looking at at the time) thanks to random guesses, images on google and voila - -  I found you guys. Attached is your wonderful work doing its thing. 
What&rsquos awesome is that, it takes very little time for it all to settle out, the waste is only about 2ml of liquid, and the offender. It made our weekend, and saved this product.  Thank you to everyone at Adams & Chittenden."

Separatory Funnel (/images/uploads/2272_5f63b45fb4da9.jpg) 

Sep. Funnel (/images/uploads/2273_5f63b4e939d8c.jpg)
Separatory Funnel with watermellon extract.

Vase Tubes

We entertain all kinds of requests for glass. If we can do it, we will try!

On the left are the designs from Tom Chung Studio. More pictures are here.

"Thanks again for taking care of the glass vase parts for me, everything turned out great.

I thought you might want photos of the finished pieces for your gallery..."


Photo, Tom Chung

We had a request from a researcher:
"We need a piece of glassware to help us with a study of the rate of water or solvent flux from a mixture of solvents through a membrane. We think an electrochemical H-cell would do the trick..."

He was clear conceptually, and happy with the result
"Hi Tom,
I received the membrane flux-o-meter today and I have to say that you guys did a phenomenal job with it. The flaring at the end of the pipet is a really nice touch too. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Thank you once again."

Membrane Flux-o-Meter detail

Membrane Flux-o-Meter

"Dear Tom,

Is it Christmas already? I just received the glass cells and they look amazing! 
Thanks heaps for your great work and fast delivery, I really appreciate it.


Multi-Chamber MFC

I thought I would share a couple quick photos of the unit we built with the glass ware you produced for us. Very nice and worked right out the box. Thank you for the awesome service, we will be back when the time presents itself
Flanged Tube DetailFlanged Tube

"Amazingly beautiful glass!

Tom, George, you have been there with us since the begining. You have saved us many times over. You have gone above and beyond at every step to help make Ground Control a success.

We know these pieces are extremely difficult and time intensive. They are the centerpiece of our product and are both incredibly memorable and important to our process.

An email can't do justice to our gratitude. We look forward to thanking you in person."

Voga Coffee 

"Hi Guys,

I just wanted to thank you for delivering the 2 x 2L glass vessels. They are a work of art and seem to be more sturdy than the originals. Also, everything fits in terms of dimensions and threading.

Best regards,
Jan Diemont
Process Engineer"

2L Eppendorf-style Bioreactors

2L Eppendorf-Style Bioreactor

 "Hi Mary,

 I want to thank you and all involved at Adams & Chittenden for shipping my 20 liter beakers a week ahead of schedule. They arrived intact and I am very pleased with the quality. They not only meet all specs but are beautiful works of art as well.

20L beakers w lapped flat edge

Large Borosilicate Beakers

I really appreciate the care taken to insure my needs were clearly understood. I was particularly impressed to receive a call from Mr. Adams to clarify my flatness requirements for the lip bead.

It has been great to work with such a pleasant staff and excellent company.
Thank you."

Mike Barnes
Test Engineer, Quality Assurance

Custom Beaker

I never gave you a proper thank you for all the reactors and the help that came along with them.Everything is up and running, and the reactors are holding up great. They look good too.
It's rare that projects go so smoothly, and I'm giving you guys some of the credit for that.

Thanks again!"

Josh Long
Automation & Controls Engineer

10L Jacketed Bioreactor

10Liter jacketed bioreactor

Modified Manifold

"We are very happy with the vacuum manifold and trap assembly that you have designed and built for us. The suggestions you made in the design process were very much appreciated and the craftsmanship in the items is excellent. We will continue to use your company for all of our custom glassware needs."

Tim Karpishin, Ph.D.
Director of Chemistry
Vector Laboratories, Inc.

"Dear Tom
I am extremely pleased with the job Adams & Chittenden did in generating our bioreactor. Turning the design into a functional apparatus has been key to the progress of our research team. The quick turn around and quality of the bioreactors was outstanding.
We look forward to working with you as we continue to optimize our system.
Thank you very much.

RL Goodwin, PhD
Associate Professor
USC School of Medicine


"Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass exceeds expectations on all indices. They were able to complete a custom chemistry glassware request in a very short amount of time and did so without any sacrifice to quality. During the very short and intense fabrication period, they frequently contacted me with questions highlighting their attention to detail and desire to meet customer needs. I assure you that they went above and beyond in doing so -- top product quality and customer service. For future glassware needs, Adams and Chittenden will certainly be my go-to.

Jessica Kachian, Ph.D."
Wafer etch bath

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the electrochemical flow cells a couple weeks ago and they are fantastic! You guys are true craftsmen.

Justin Holland
Technology Development
Oak Ridge, TN

"We have been a customer of Adams & Chitttenden Scientific Glass for over eighteen years. We have used their fabrication services for all our custom chemistry glassware as well as general repair. We have also worked with Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass on a variety of custom projects and have found their attention to detail unmatched. They provide excellent quality products in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass for all your glassware requirements."

Clifford Quan 
Medicinal Chemistry Department 
Genentech, Inc.

"Tom Adams and his team have been making custom scientific glass items for C S Bio for well over 15 years. The glassware on our synthesis systems is critical and dimensions, design and other factors often vary from customer to customer. Adams and Chittenden has always been able to accommodate our many and often changing requests and have been a vital part of C S Bio&rsquos success in the field of automated synthesizers. As we use many vendors for various parts, it is nice to have a vendor we do not need worry about."

Dario Slavazza
CS Bio Company

OEM peptide synthesis reactors
ranging in volume from 100ml to 2 liters 

Peptide synthesis glassware

"I just wanted to thank you and your crew for providing my combinatorial chemistry group with custom fritted glassware for solid-phase synthesis. The work is always of a high quality and delivered in a reasonable time. What I appreciate the most is your willingness to work with us to optimize our designs in terms of performance and cost. We have clearly benefited over the years from your decades of experience in the glass and scientific apparatus industry. You guys are a tremendous resource for us. Keep up the good work!"

Ronald Zuckermann, Ph.D.
Director of Biorganic Chemistry
Chiron Corporation
(Now Facility Director, Biological Nanostructures Facility
The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

"It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass. We have been doing business with Adams & Chittenden since they first opened in 1993. Over the years they have made many different types of prototype parts for our specialized research applications.
My first experience with them was on a project we had to develop an inexpensive sampler for separating airborne, submicrometer particles from their gas-phase vapor counterparts. A colleague of mine, a professor at Harvard University, sent me a glass honeycomb he had designed for this purpose. While this one prototype performed superbly, it was a one-of-a-kind. Harvard informed me that their glass shop could not make these on a consistent basis. Indeed they invested quite a bit of money in a nearby glass shop resulting in many globs of melted glass, but no honeycombs. In contrast, when I approached Tom Adams, he was able to fabricate the honeycombs on the second try, and to do so consistently thereafter. Adams & Chittenden now routinely make these for Harvard University, and for their licensee.
As you can see by this example, Adams & Chittenden love the challenge of making new things. Without question, they are highly skilled as glass blowers. Not only do they deliver quality products, they deliver them on schedule. The are organized and fair regarding business matters, and are reasonably priced. Moreover, they are very pleasant people to work with. I recommend them highly, and without reservation."

Susanne Hering, Ph.D.
Aerosol Dynamics Inc.

Denuder w Decaled Number (/images/uploads/2249_5e275ba8dde9b.jpg)

"I would like to acknowledge the successful relationship the Harvard School of Public Heath Environmental Science and Engineering program has had with The Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass Company.
Three years ago, we were developing a sampler to monitor airborne acidity. We had developed all of the mechanical parts, but were having a terrible time with the glassware. The performance of the sampler depended on a relatively complex piece of glassware, called a denuder, that was proving almost impossible to build. We had been working with a number of highly regarded glass companies, but the denuder that resulted from these efforts could not be used.
Then, a colleague put us in touch with Tom Adams and George Chittenden, and in a short time, the denuder was completed. The process took a few iterative steps, but each denuder worked better than the last. The finished pieces reflected an understanding of our needs and the high degree of skill that Tom and George have with their medium.
The product that they build is of high quality and is delivered on time. Although it is a fairly complex piece of glass, and difficult to build, the denuders are very consistent. Their fit and finish as well as their performance are up to our needs and standards.
If I could collaborate with more craftspeople of Tom and George's caliber, my work would be a lot easier. As a result of our successful relationship with The Adams & Chittenden Glass Company, I strongly recommend their expertise to others."

Petros Koutrakis, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Sciences and
Director of the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
Harvard School of Public Heath

"Hello Tom,
We got it this afternoon and looked at it. You, plural or singular, depending on how many worked on it, have done an amazing job and we are very happy with how it looks and feels. The joints are very smooth and the whole arrangement is very sturdy. Everything seems to have been made perfectly to spec and it is beautiful to look at, beyond what I even could imagine. Having stared at it for many hours on a monitor makes it somewhat surreal to see it in reality.
The plug design is perfect and we thank you for that added design input. We will be sure to spread the word to other labs in case they need some custom glass work done.
Thanks for your services, and we will stay in touch, as we put the equipment to use. If it turns out as well as we expect, we may be ordering a piece or few more, so keep the designs in file.

Mark Dansson


"The Adams and Chittenden team was truly a pleasure to work with from day one until project finish. Mary and Tom were very accommodating from day 1: "Can you do one piece of this?", which quickly evolved into "Can you do several thousand of these? Like, tomorrow?" Not only were they able to meet our very tight deadlines and quality requirements for our very unique project, they were able to handle the logistics of procurement and material flow (this involved buying up stock in the entire country, and borrowing space from neighbors.) They remained in close touch throughout the project, and welcomed visits and discussions. Having worked with a multitude of vendors and suppliers, I can only dream that all suppliers would live up to their standard. I have no reservation in recommending them for any scientific glass work, small or large!"

Chiaki Treynor, Ph. D.
Director of Research and Development
GlassPoint Solar Inc.

"Here at Asta Glass - Distinctive Barware, there are no PhD.'s on the payroll, we aren't likely to find the cure for anything, and we can say with confidence that we won't ever be on the short list for a Nobel Prize. Nonetheless, our project was given attention and executed with care and precision by the wonderful people at Adams and Chittenden.

Adams and Chittenden make the tiny glass loops we use as "ears" on some of our martini and champagne glasses. They must be of even size and smoothly cut in order to adhere firmly to the glass - and they are. Tom and George have developed and tried various methods of production to improve quality with each batch and keep costs reasonable. Mary has coordinated with us to ensure that we were satisfied with each order and has kept us constantly supplied with loops in order to keep our production on track. That kind of good communication and good service has taken the stress out of what could be a troublesome item to source.

As the owner of a small business, I value being treated courteously and having suppliers come through for me. I think I can also thank you on behalf of the hundreds of people who own our Carmen, Lola, Flora or Stella glasses and who have enjoyed a good drink in them."

Kathryn Gooding
Asta Glass - Distinctive Barware

Find here the art and artistry of Allen Hemberger, a local chef who wanted to use glass in his presentations tableside....


Photos by Allen Hemberger

Cylinder on dark plate

"The components are layered in a glass sleeve I had custom-made at Adams-Chittenden, a scientific glass manufacturer I found in Berkeley. They&rsquore super-lovely to work with and helped guide my decisions when trying to figure out measurements for the sleeves...."

"I've been asking Adams & Chittenden for custom glassware and advice for over a decade. In many cases my crazy requests turn out to be something they've already done. They're truly awesome."

Adam Savage, co-host,

"Hi Tom

Thank you very much for making a specific photoelectrochemical cell with a perfect optical window. The quality is excellent and the price is reasonable. Thank you again for the excellent work."

Weixing Lu
Research Scientist
Physical Optics Corporation

"Everyone has been in our situation occasionally: you have a contract with a short fuse, your customer is breathing down your neck and you order the wrong size of something. A chill runs up your spine because it was a custom part and customs take time. Adams and Chittenden made new parts and shipped within 24 hours. It is truly wonderful to find a responsive supplier these days and Optical Subassemblies is grateful for your "above and beyond the call of duty" effort."

Joel Johnson
Managing Partner
Optical Subassemblies, LLC

"Dear Tom,

Just would like to express my sincere appreciation and thank you for providing us an emergency help during our experiment today. Without your just-in-time repairing of the quartz rod and tube, our silicon wafers would have to stay in the furnace through the New Year's Eve, and for sure, would be damaged. Your generous help not only saved our expensive wafers, but the most important, saved our valuable experiment data. Your help really made it possible for our development project to reach an important milestone before the New Year."

Best regards,
Zheng Xu, Ph.D.
Vice President of Technology
Sierra Solar Power Inc

"Good morning Mary,

I just received the reactor head this morning and was very pleased with the work, my supervisor couldn&rsquot even tell which joint of the reactor was replaced. I will be sending my two other reactor heads to you shortly.
Thank you for your excellent service and workmanship."


Ismael Palacios
Lab Associate &ndash Manufacturing and Development

We received our NW25 cell on which you repaired the flange that we broke. We marveled as we tried to find the repair where the new met the old. The smart money was betting that you sent a completely new cell since we could not find any evidence of the repair! I feel we are stealing since we not only get the functional pieces for our research work but are also getting beautiful works of art. Compliments to the person who repaired our piece for their artisanship.

p.s. give Mary a raise for being the knowledgeable and friendly voice of your company."

Forest Cooper
Technician - Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

"Dear Adams and Chittenden Team,
I want to thank you for the incredible service we've repeatedly experienced while working with you. When we were setting up our labs a few years ago, Tom was able to decipher my bad drawings and rough ideas to design and fabricate our high vacuum synthetic lines along with all the miscellaneous glassware we needed. Since then we've been spoiled by quick turn arounds with new jobs including reactors, adapters, and on-site repair jobs. At least twice Tom has been able to quickly get us up and running with on-site repairs that I had feared would require a complete shutdown. I've referred colleagues to A&C in the past and will continue to do so. I want to thank the entire team at A&C (especially Tom and Mary) for their responsiveness, quality of craftsmanship, and professionalism. I look forward to coming to you with future projects."

Hany Eitouni, Ph.D.
Seeo, Inc

Seeo manifold and Jay

"If asked to give two reasons why we chose Adams and Chittenden Scientific
Glass for our lab glassware needs, without question it would be their
expertise and customer rapport". 

Stephen Disher
Research and Development
Air Toxics Ltd. 

1 liter vapor generator

1L Vapor generator

"Hey Tom,
Hope this finds you well and all is good. As promised, attached is a photo of the &ldquocoupon rack.&rdquo We are proceeding with the installations this week and when I get one of the units up and running I&rsquoll send you another photo. If these racks work as well as we hope I will be ordering the additional 60 units for the rest of the campus hot water loops. Tom, you were a great help with this project and Ga. Valve and Fittings, the Swagelok supplier, was really impressed with the results and how it all came together. To coin an old southern saying &ldquowe did good.&rdquo Thank you for all your help."

Phil Stephens
Emory University

"Mary, Tom, George,

I just wanted to drop a line because I was thinking of you. I&rsquove been having a frustrating time lately with various vendors, but you guys are never a problem. I always get what I was promised when I was promised it from you. That might be what many people would expect as the usual for a vendor, but I have come to find that it is a pleasant rarity.

I am especially impressed considering the specialized field you are in. If everything came a month late from you, I would probably still be a customer. If your shop was not a place I actually like to visit, I would still be a customer. If I couldn&rsquot expect useful and experienced input from you in my problem-solving process, I would still be a customer. Getting all of those things makes me feel like I&rsquove hit the jackpot.

Last week, I was dealing with the logistical problems caused by late delivery of the wrong thing from a vendor who seemed not to care about my business. As I was running up and down the halls, pulling my hair out, I asked the empty hall &ldquoWhy can&rsquot they be like Adams and Chittenden?!&rdquo

Thank you for the outstanding level of customer service and just for being really nice people who I like doing business with."

Marlene Hoeber
Manager of Lab Services
Amyris Biotechnologies

"Tom (team):

I did receive the 2L P5 fritted funnel yesterday and have already had a chance to use it. It worked wonderfully and I am very glad to have it. I especially appreciate the heavy duty glass used and the extraordinary craftsmanship.

Thank you again and I hope to do business soon,

2L Buchner Funnel Detail

"Your company has been invaluable in establishing a reliable and cost-effective supply chain for our laboratory glassware line. Your quality has ensured our customers' needs are satisfied. My working rapport with Adams & Chittenden's customer service has always been affable and responsive enabling a high level of communication regarding all of our orders. We will continue renewing yearly blanket orders with Adams & Chittenden and are very pleased with your service."

Daniel Z. Rampa
Materials Manager
Advantec MFS, Inc.

Lamp shade glass

"Dear Tom and crew,

Thanks you so much for all your help. Your assistance and excellent work has been inextricable from all of our projects. We have witness unparalleled quality of workmanship and personal commitment of all of your staff on every project we have worked on since the mid nineties. Thanks again,

Larissa Sand"

"Hi Mary,
Received the beaker on Tuesday. Looks great! Tell the guys, nice work. A real work of art. It&rsquos the center piece of our exploration into glucose sensing and control.
Thanks again,

"I learned about Adams and Chittenden three years ago when I needed glass repairs on a French-made electric ebulliometer. They did a fantastic job with minimal specs and a short turn around time. Since then, I have gone to Adams and Chittenden for all of my wine analysis glassware. In the laboratory, we use the Adams and Chittenden wine thieves daily for sampling and tasting. I love the assortment of styles and their consistent, high throughput design. I have used the AO apparatus for three years now and in my opinion, it is the best design in the industry. It is easy to clean with minimal glass and has increased our laboratory&rsquos efficiency.

I am never afraid to approach Adams and Chittenden with custom projects and special requests. Their customer service is phenomenal I always know the product will be made beautifully and on-time. I highly recommend Adams and Chittenden for any scientific glassware need."

Kathryn Allegra

SO2 Apparatus

"Dear George and Team:

Thank you so much for the expedited service on the wine SO2 apparatus...we are relieved that it will be available. We needed it in an emergency and having it ready in just a few days is clearly the type of service one can expect from Adams & Chittenden. We are looking forward to using the new apparatus and, since we have one of your cash stills, can rest assured that it will be of the same superior quality. Thank you!
Please feel free to share my comments on your website.

Nathan Randel"

Shenandoah Logo

"Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for your SO2 apparatus which I use for measuring free SO2 in hard cider. I started using this apparatus a few years back and have used the same apparatus for hundreds of tests without having to replace it. It is durable and easy to clean which noticeably increased my efficiency. Now, starting my own cidery, I am happy to purchase your excellent glassware for my own use.

Thank you for everything,

"Hi Mary
I know we just received this cylinder but we like you guys so much we would like to order another. We have found that they do not hold up well to falling off tables and coming in contact with concrete flooring!
COLIN A. LEVI       95273

"I have had the pleasure of utilizing the expertise of Adams and Chittenden recently for a custom glass order for a time-critical project at my company. After describing my custom request to Adams and Chittenden during an initial phone call, their professional and friendly manner of operation made the entire process from concept to finished product run in a very smooth and timely fashion.

For my application here at Inhale Therapeutics, Adams and Chittenden constructed a custom glass spray-drying chamber with accurately place quartz viewing panes for laser-based diagnostics. From my perspective as an engineer who works with very tight tolerances in a range of optical applications, I found the work of Adams and Chittenden to be of very high quality and I will not hesitate to approach Adams and Chittenden for my future glass blowing needs.

In addition to the high quality of work and timely service I have received from Adams and Chittenden Scientific Glass, I have found both Tom Adams and George Chittenden to be very personable and bright-minded people who clearly have a mastery over their trade."

Chris Varga, Ph.D.
Process Technology

"I want to thank Adams and Chittenden for providing a simple solution for my complex glassware needs.   Our Hungarian-made organ bath system seemed like a perfect choice for our ex vivo assays - until the stopcocks began to break. Replacement baths were expensive and required over a month of lead time to obtain. Adams and Chittenden repaired the broken baths, using beefy stopcocks that made the repaired units stronger than the originals. When the scope or our experiments expanded, Adams and Chittenden provided a redesigned unit with increased functionality. Their attention to detail was crucial for this complex piece of glassware - they even used European glass tubing for the fabrication so that the new baths could be seamlessly integrated with the other parts of our existing system. Our new organ baths were also an exceptional value - while they are stronger and more functional than the original units, the quality did not come at an unreasonable cost. Adams and Chittenden's prompt, friendly service makes me want a &ldquoMade in Berkeley&rdquo sticker on all my custom glassware."

 Chris Carreras, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Department of Pharmacological Sciences

"Hi Tom,
After using the jacketed addition funnel a couple of times, I couldn't be happier. Much better than the version with the conventional stopcock. Glass always introduced grease contaminants (never tried Krytox), teflon always shrank and leaked when it got cold. This thing's perfect.
Better make me another one when you have time/capacity. I feel covetous eyes on me already.
Barry Levine
Chiron Corp."

"Hi George and all at Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass,

I thought I have to thank you all at A&C for the custom electrochemical cells we designed together and you prepared for us. They are working exactly as we hoped for the study of our electrocatalysis measurements! We really appreciate the good ideas that you guys came up with by trying to understand our issues, and of course the exceptional quality and execution of your work. Since I am on my way back to Europe, I wanted to wish you all the best!"

Karl Mayrhofer Ph.D.
Nenad M. Markovic
Material Science @ LBNL

"PolyPlus Battery Company (PPBC) has been working with ADAMS & CHITTENDEN SCIENTIFIC GLASS for more than ten years. PPBC is developing a new generation of lithium batteries and needs to use non-standard, original glassware and specially designed glass cells for testing of battery materials. ADAMS & CHITTENDEN SCIENTIFIC GLASS completely satisfies all of our requirements. When I come to the shop and ask George Chittenden to make a newly designed electrochemical cell, I am confident that all the work will be done on time and with high quality. The shop has a team of highly skilled and creative professionals, whose work is well organized. People at ADAMS & CHITTENDEN SCIENTIFIC GLASS always keep their promises! My interactions with George, Tom and other staff members have always been very pleasant. I think that ADAMS & CHITTENDEN SCIENTIFIC GLASS is a great business partner and strongly recommend its services to everyone who needs high quality technical glassblowing."

Eugene S. Nimon, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Staff
PolyPlus Battery Company

"Once again, you have astounded me: with the quality of the glass apparatus you fabricated for me, and with the timeliness with which you completed it. Upon reflection, I should not be surprised. Over the years, Adams and Chittenden consistently have exceeded my expectations. I have lost count of the occasions I presented Tom or George with a rough sketch illustrating approximately what I wanted, and from my crude drawing they made something beautiful and perfectly suited to my needs. Not only are Adams and Chittenden consummate craftsmen, but they consistently demonstrate a commitment to outstanding customer service."

Michael C. Rey
Senior Technical Staff
PolyPlus Battery Company

From an unsolicited email about a past project:

"This is a little FYI regarding the cyclone you made for me almost a year ago.  I took a lot of flak for
1    Not going to a known supplier
2    Not buying a proven powder transfer system for $10K - $60K with a 12 to 20 week delivery time
3    Not having CAD drawings
4    Not having CAD models of the cyclone predicted performance
5    Not having a cyclone manufacturer design the cyclone
6    Using glass instead of stainless steel
7    Using an industrial floor care vacuum motor as a vacuum source

They had 3 young engineers model and  analyze it here.  They all said it wouldn&rsquot work,  said there wouldn&rsquot be enough air flow.  Said the cut size would be wrong resulting in too much wasted product.   I am pleased to report that my $1500 powder transfer system has worked flawlessly since day one.  It is the only part of the system that hasn&rsquot had to be modified, redesigned or replaced.  You being able to take my hand drawn sketch and turn it into a functioning cyclone was remarkable.  It only operates for about 5 minutes, twice a week.  But when the blower is turned on, people in the shop stop what they are doing and stand in front on the cyclone to watch the powder swirl around.  If a customer tour of the facility is planned, they try to schedule it around the powder transfer time so the customers can watch the powder swirl through the cyclone and into the transfer container.  It is the only point in the process where you can actually see anything happening.  Everything else is stainless steel.   CAD models are fine but I am old enough to prefer being to see what is really happening in a test/R&D/proto type environment.   Your cyclone has helped me prove the point to some of these young &ldquoWhipper Snappers&rdquo here, that it is OK to try something that you have thought through without analyzing to death first!

Thank you again for your help.  It makes me smile when I watch people watching it work."
Wayne MacKenzie,  Technical Services


"Adams and Chittenden did a fantastic job on custom Schlenk lines for our laboratory. Tom in particular was personally involved and extremely helpful in all aspects of the project, from design to execution. We even looked over the design together to determine improvements that could be made to increase the usefulness and lower the cost of the order. The quality of the glass work is second to none. I would like to say a big thank you to all the folks who worked on the project, it was a great experience and we will definitely recommend you to anyone with custom glass needs."

Travis Hebden
Department of Chemistry
University of Washington

"Dear Tom and George,
I was just on google looking for some images of Schlenk lines and one of yours popped up. Of course I went to your website and meandered through some of your other pictures of apparatus you have made. The thing I have always admired about Adams and Chittenden is the quality and cleanliness of your work.
I love scientific glassblowing and being a scientific glassblower so it is always painful to me to see shoddy work or to hear glassblowers talk who obviously don't care much about their profession. So, periodically, when for one reason or another I visit your webpage, it always gives me a lift to see well done and beautiful work.
So, thanks for your good work and the pictures for everyone to see that show what good scientific glassblowing can be."

Jim Hodgson, 
Fellow Glassblower
Kansas State University

"Adams & Chittenden consistently meets our most demanding delivery schedules for quality CGMP glassware. Everything from carboys and 12L RBFs to 6L jacketed filters for inert atmosphere processing. They have been able to manufacture everything we have been able to design."

Harry Stockton
PCAS-Nanosyn, formerly Seres Laboratories, Inc.

cGMP glassware

An OEM customer emails

Thank you for always being so cheerful and willing to help when we call in. You are such a sweetheart! I hope to work with more suppliers like you!
Have a wonderful weekend. I will try to stay warm in MN!"
Hai P.T
Administrative assistant
Burnsville, Minnesota

I want to commend you on your work those apollo 500mL flasks, (the morph between a round bottom and an erlenmeyer) are exactly what I envisioned and wanted. You guys do great work, Thanks so much, see ya in a few weeks."

Paul Hrvatin
Medicinal Chemistry
Berlex Biosciences

"Tom, George & the Team,

DSM PTG has been a customer of Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass for twenty years and have used their fabrication services for all our custom pilot plant glassware needs as well as general repair which is always delivered in a timely manner. Your team has been able to provide quick turnaround times which has enabled us to continue operations to meet our customer deliverables with minimal impact. Your workmanship is excellent as evidenced by the quality of the glassware, which is better than some OEM suppliers. Your depth of knowledge and expertise is highly recommended when it comes to optimizing designs in terms of performance and cost.

Our company has clearly benefited over the years from your decades of experience in the glass and scientific equipment industry. I would highly recommend Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass for all your custom and specialized glassware requirements. Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass is a tremendous resource for us.

Thanks you for your continued support."

Kathleen A White
VP Operation

Cold finger

"Hi Tom,
 Just wanted to let you know that the modified impactor designed by Jesse that you created, works PERFECTLY!
 Thanks again for all your help!
 With best wishes,
Aditya Das
Alexza MDC"

"The glass jar looks very good. We are all very
pleased with quality of your work. Right now I am using it to cool my
developer and rinse liquid to -10C. It works great! Thanks a lot."

Yan Feng
Xradia, Inc.

"The three electrode electrochemical cells that you designed with us are working perfectly. Thank you for spending your time developing them with me. The craftsmanship is first rate and I am looking forward to working with you for years to come."

William E. Mustain, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical, Materials and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Connecticut

"About Adams & Chittenden and crew:
I have experienced yet another stroke of concept-to-practical genius. I came to Adams & Chittenden with the idea for a vacuum dessicator. Our application is to be able to dry any sized fritted funnel upright to avoid costly material loss due to tipping. Naturally, there were specific dimensional requirements, time concerns, as well as safety issues regarding vacuum vs. glass thickness. In a very timely response, the filter funnel dessicator unit was manufactured for us and has provided my chemistry group with countless hours of uneventful successful use since its introduction into production here. This is a flawless piece of glassware for a chemist.
On a more general note, I have approached this group of glass magicians with a vast array of conceptual glassware projects resulting in immeasurable success. This is, of course, not to mention the years they have restored/repaired all the disheartening glassware cracks and splinters.
Thank you for your consistently excellent services."

Dennis Koehler
Process Development Chemist
Biosearch Technologies, Inc.

"Tom and George,

I would like to thank you and your crew for the continued excellent workmanship and service that you have been providing Westchem with over the years. We are a 28 year old company that has used a number of glassblowing companies and you are the best. Your customer service and quality along with your honesty are just a few of the things that make your company successful.
I look forward to a long lasting working relationship with your organization and would highly reccommend you to anyone who is looking for a glass shop.
Ronald Hudson
Westchem Equipment Company