Internally threaded connections - "Ace threads"

"Ace threads" are internally threaded glass connections, using a male threaded bushing to seal rigid tubes, electrodes, thermometers, or thermocouples through the connector. This allows for free adjustment of the insertion in and out. The threads are molded, relatively coarse, and mostly don't correspond to machined thread dimensions. 

The sizes are referenced by the nominal ID of the glass.

The bushings are available in nylon and PTFE; the most common is PTFE for chemical compatibility. The seal is made by compressing an O-ring between the tube and body. The standard O-rings are Viton, with other o-ring materials available. We can  also use Teflon swage-lock ferrules in place of O-rings, which secure the inserted tubes coaxially.  

Solid plugs and plugs tapped for common metal threads are available by special order.

We stock most smaller sizes of threads, and some bushings, mostly in PTFE.

See our page with general info about threaded connections, and comparisons in usage. 

Size Reference Inserted Tube OD, mm
#7 6-7 
#11 9 - 10.5
#15 12.5 - 14
#18 16 - 17
#25 24 - 25
#36 34 - 35
#50 47 - 48
#80 80