Laboratory glassware

Machines make test tubes, vials, and beakers, but any laboratory glassware more complicated than that is made by a scientific glassblower. Most borosilicate laboratory glassware continues to be produced by hand, as the feedback loop required for automated manufacturing has proven to be problematic. We do make test tubesvials, and beakers as well, in smaller runs, when the requirement is for a more specific purpose or special application.  
  We're dedicated to making quality lab glass and glass tools for research and industry. We live in a competitive, global world, and we believe that quality and service will continue to make us relevant in a constantly changing environment.

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Laboratory glassware
If you require borosilicate glassware, Contact Us. We have lots of experience with:

  • Traditional wet chemistry and combinatorial chemistry
  • Physics and material sciences
  • Bioscience and biofuels research and production
  • Electrochemistry, including photoelectrochemistry, and electromicrobiology
  • Pharmaceutical research and production
  • Environmental testing and remediation

Lab glass

You can search our extensive photo galleries to see the scope and diversity of our work. Also check out our special projects gallery where you'll find more photos and information about projects we found to be interesting, illustrative, challenging, educational, or just plain fun.

We also understand what is necessary for functional and quick repairs of broken laboratory glassware.