You can find evaporation glassware in most labs, as separating the payload from the solvents is a big deal. We make glass parts for rotoevaporators (rotovaps) at all scales, lyophilization, sublimation, wiped-film, and plenty of custom evaporation glassware to facilitate work in the lab.

 You can see more of our glassware and accessories for rotary evaporation and  in the gallery.

Custom Lyophilization glassware that fits existing "hard"ware.

Glassware for lyophilization 

 Cold finger condensers for rotovaps; for use with dry ice.

Cold finger condenser

Shown below is the body of a modified wiped film evaporator, or WFE (as a TLA). The idea here is to provide better draining, and a more friendly interface.

Modified WFE

We are familiar with most of the manufacturers of this kind of  equipment, and understand how the glass fits the existing hardware, as well as what is necessary for functional modifications and quick repairs of broken glassware.