Plastic Coating

Plastic is applied by dipping the hot glassware into a fluidized bed of PVC thermoplastic powder, which melts to a flexible and strong film. This does present challenges for complex or ungainly glassware, as sealing and holding the glass while maintaining sufficent heat for the "dip" is non trivial.

We can apply a plastic coating to glass for several purposes: 

  • In case of breakage, the plastic can contain the shards, rather than spattering all over the lab, and anyone near. 
    In the case of evacuated or pressurized glassware, plastic coating offers a first line of protection in case of an accident.
  • In case of breakage, plastic coated glass may contain your valuable contents long enough for recovery.
  • The strength of glass is primarily in its surface; if the glass surface tension is broken by scratches, scuffs, or any abrasion, it loses strength radically. Putting plastic coating on new glassware mitigates these effects.
Plastic coating (/images/uploads/813.jpg)
Plastic coating (/images/uploads/453.jpg)