Glass chromatography columns remain popular in the lab, and not just for biochromatography. We manufacture them in every possible size and configuration. Chromatography columns are as various as chemists: long & skinny, long & fat, short & fat, short & skinny, with a reservoir and without, with a frit and without. And then come the choices of joints... Your choice will depend on the compounds you want to separate, the quantities, and your personal predilections...

You can see some of our previous work in the chromatography gallery.

We make chromatography columns to your specifications. We describe glass chromatography columns from the top down. See a sketch here. For more information on specifications, see our Chromatography Column Specifications. We can also alter existing columns to meet your needs, although this is not always cost effective.

We like to provide fritted filters in your columns that work best for you. Many manufacturers use coarse or medium frits, corresponding to pore sizes of 40 - 60 µm and 10 - 16 µm. We have found that the European size designated P3 to be best for most column usage; its pore size is between coarse and medium: 16 - 40 µm. Since column packings are frequently called out with a particle size of 40µm, this porosity of frit holds up the packing well, but allows for good flow.


We also manufacture flow control adapters, separable solvent reservoirs, and solvent addition funnels.

Chromatography Columns