O-ring Joints

O-ring joints are connections made by two identical parts, each with an O-ring groove in the face, sealed with an O-ring, and held together by clamps. The clamps are the same as those used for ball and socket joints. They do not need grease, and can provide a good vacuum tight seal. There is some exposure of the O-ring to the system. O-rings are available in a variety of elastomers, Viton being the most common. Care must be taken to clamp adequately, and to avoid torque when connecting flexible tubing; heavy vacuum tubing can tweak even very strong clamps if it is asked to bend too sharply.

oring joint and clamp

These joints range in size from 5mm I.D up to 75MM I.D.
and are available with corresponding clamps.

These joints are not to be confused with Spherical (Ball and Socket) joints that are available
with an O-ring Ball.

O-ring joints

manifold detail