Electrochemical Cells

Our borosilicate echem cells are in wide use in labs around the world. They range in size and style and reflect the specific needs of our customers; simple and complex, large range of volumes, with and without jackets, etc. We frequently use glass frits to provide the salt bridge, and increasingly use NW flanges to hold membranes such as Nafion® between cell halves. We can add quartz windows for photoelectrochemical (PEC) cells as well. Check out the echem gallery as well as the PEC gallery and the microbial fuel cell gallery;  you'll be surprised by the diversity of this work. You can also see what some of our customers have to say here and below.

Jacketed RDE electrochemical cell
with all the bells and whistles

Borosilicate RDE Cell

We can provide a variety of port options for electrodes. Our most common options are illustrated on the  page of comparisons of threaded styles,  as well as a PDF of options for GL14 threads.
We also offer blank teflon lids in conjunction with the NW flange series for more porting options; Click image below for more...

Below, OEM electrochemistry reactors
tooled to fit snuggly into a heating block 

Electrochemistry Reactors

"We needed some specialized electrochemical glassware fabricated and not knowing who to contact I did what almost everyone does, a Google search. Your company name came up first and after doing business with you I can see why. You took the time to find out exactly what I needed before coming up with a design, and went even further in anticipating the operational challenges I might encounter and made the proper design accommodations. I was extremely pleased with the outstanding quality of the craftsmanship of the glassware given the very tight tolerance we required. The membrane sealing system design is extremely robust, provides uniform circumferential pressure and is very leakproof, which is no small feat considering membrane sealing is not trivial.
I was especially gratified with your patience and cooperation as my needs evolved, requiring some design changes.
And all for a very reasonable price. I look forward to any future projects."

Jack Treger
Electrochemistry Group

Diffusion Cell
Diffusion Cell