Glass Threads

Several manufacturers make threaded glass components in various sizes and designs. Some are externally threaded and have corresponding threaded plastic caps, both open and closed. Some have internally threaded glass, historically called Ace threads, that mate with plastic bushings to hold tubes or plugs, and can connect with solid plastic bushings that can be machined for more options. Glass tubing can also be threaded by machining, though custom threads in small quantities are not cheap. See many examples of glass threads in these images.

All these glass threads, in conjunction with their mating plastic parts, can be used to make a tight connection to a straight tube, seal with an o-ring, hold a silicone/Teflon septum for needle piercing, or be used to provide an interface with other materials. You can see a chart of the sizes of GL threads, a page of options for GL14 threads, and a comparison of the internal and external threads. Click the image below to see more of these plastic fittings. We can also provide 1/4-28 male threads, which is a standard size for connecting to assorted small tubing and valves via plastic and Teflon fittings.

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3L Custom Jacketed Reactor; Head Detail

Below are examples of the GL series external threads and plastic fittings. 
Plastic Hose Barbs
Extractor Detail

Extractor porting

Below and right are examples of internal, or ACE threads with bushings

internal thread crossection

Ace-style Internal Thread Large Internal Glass thread

Internal Thread with Bushing 

Below is an example of a 1/4"-28 machined glass thread, which fit standard
 small diameter tubing1/4

And of course, all these glass threads can all be used in conjunction with one another
 Osmometer assembled