Peptide Synthesis Glassware

 We make glass reaction vessels for the manufacture of peptides and small molecules using solid-phase methods in a panoply of styles and sizes, ranging from 1 ml to 100 liters. Our location in the midst of San Francisco's Biotech Bay has brought us into contact with all manner of chemists, from university students and researchers to chemists from large and small pharmaceutical companies, for whom we have developed numerous iterations of glass reaction vessels, both common and unique. We understand the requirements and processes for synthesis of peptides and small molecules, and can address your specific needs well, be they medicinal chemistry research or cGMP production glassware. See our pages regarding fritted ware, pore and mesh sizes, and mesh designation.


 Also see some of our glass in action producing peptoid polymers in the 1st third of a video by the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE).

And have a look at some of our previous work in the photo gallery

Peptide Synthesis Glassware Assembled Peptide Glassware