Filtration Glassware

We manufacture glass filtration apparatus in many flavors; simple filter funnels, known as Buchner funnels, funnels with vacuum takeoffs sealed on, membrane filter funnel/base sets for vacuum filtration, large capacity fritted funnels, and custom sintered glassware to meet your specific needs and requirements. We have made filtration funnels ranging from tiny (2 ml) to quite large(jacketed 12l) for use with pressure, gravity, or vacuum. You can see some of this work in the filtration glassware gallery

Fritted glass filters come in a variety of sizes and porosities -
see our pages of frit information.

All-glass solvent filters by the thousands
fritted solvent suckers

Fully jacketed cGMP filtration
 Jacketed Filtration

2L Buchner Funnel

Below - 90mm membrane support for vacuum filtration
90mm filtration glassware