Microbial Fuel Cells

We are proud to present our line of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC's). These cell configurations are the distillation of many dozens of designs we have produced for research around the world, and we believe our cells cover a lot of the basic needs for this area of investigation, and are adaptable to other applications as well. They are inexpensive, straight-forward, flexible, as well as modifiable. You can see many of the precursor cells in the echem gallery.

Microbial fuel cells are essentially modified H-cells, to be used with various membranes sandwiched between the flanges. Our cells utilize NW glass flanges tooled to mimic the stainless steel KF series of flanges, and have corresponding seals and wraparound knuckle clamps. These flanges are called-out by their I.D. and the most common sizes are 25mm, 40mm, and 50 mm. The ports are glass threads that use sealing rings to hold electrodes, hose barbs for liquid flow, or Teflon-faced septa for needle sampling.

Product: MFC Assembled w Scientist (/images/uploads/2402_644830d0de90f.png)
microbial fuel cell 100.25.123
The standard porting options are shown above
microbial fuel cell plastic parts
The non-glass fittings for the cells are kept in stock.

These cells are constructed on standard borosilicate media bottles, and fitted with robust GL14 threaded glass side ports. Typically, we stock these as blanks in 100ml and 250ml volumes with three different options for porting: hose barbs, Teflon faced silicone septa for piercing for sampling, and sealing rings to hold electodes.

microbial fuel cell flanges
40mm and 25mm flanges sealed on 100ml bottles
i.e. same bottle size, different flange size

We sell these cells as a set, consisting of two cell halves, and describe them by;

  1. Volume of media bottle 
  2. flange opening or I.D.
  3. and number and orientation of GL14 threaded ports.

Thus, 100ml volume per side;                         250ml per side;
            MFC 100.25.1                                            MFC 250.40.1
            MFC 100.25.2                                            MFC 250.40.2
            MFC 100.25.3                                            MFC 250.40.3

We will still need to ask you about the number and kind of fittings for the screwthreaded ports you'll need. As stated above, cells are prepared and stocked as " blanks", which are bottles with flanges sealed on, with the ports to be added later. Once we understand your requirements, we can provide a quote.

The standard side ports are GL14 threads, and the large bottle opening is a GL45 thread, all of which can be sealed with either closed caps, or open caps with Teflon-faced silicone septa. We also have sealing rings to hold and seal electrodes or tubulation (up to 1/4" diameter in the GL14's), among other options. Check out a page of these options.

For gas purging, you can use a needle pierced through a septum, or a larger tube (perhaps with a frit for bubbling), through a sealing ring, both of which seal to maintain anaerobic conditions.

We can also offer crimp-style septum fittings, commonly used with butyl rubber plugs/septa.

We would like our cells to cover all the bases, but alas, we live in a complicated world. The thickness of your intended membrane effects the clamping distance between flanges; a membrane thicker than ~.02" will require some accommodations in order for the clamp to hold correctly. Please let us know if you intend to mount a membrane thicker than .02"

 We highly recommend you read our notes about the use of the glass flanges with the knuckle clamps. It's easy to overtighten the clamps.

Of course, we are happy to discuss other configurations, volumes, modifications, etc. In the meantime, these cells offer an economical and quick way to get to work.

Microbial fuel cell 100.25.1
MFC 100.25.1 (above)
microbial fuel cell 100.25.2
MFC 100.25.2 (above)
microbial fuel cell 100.25.3
MFC 100.25.3  (above)

4 chambered fuel cell
Special three flange unit 947301

This cell was fabricated using 100-440 threaded tops for a 4" ID opening.