Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass Products

These pages illustrate some of the many items we routinely produce for customers around the world. We have no catalog; our decades-long history tells us that more often than not, glass users require something specific, whether or not it is research, prototyping, or production. We have been happy and prosperous filling this niche.  

We have extensive experience with most standard scientific and laboratory glassware. We invite you to call, email, fax or visit us with your scientific glassblowing requirements. Remember that you need not be limited by what you can find in a catalog; your glassware is manufactured individually, and any customization is possible. Please see our Ordering page for business details.

On a historical note. Dr. Alan Macfarlane writes about the significance of glass products: “We randomly picked 20 famous experiments that changed our world--Thomson's discovery of electrons, Faraday's work on electricity, and Newton's splitting of white light into its component colors with a prism, for example--and found that 15 of them could not have been performed without glass tools.”

We thought you'd like to know.

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