International Orders


We ship our glassware globally, but shipping abroad is expensive and hard to estimate before the glassware is manufactured and packed. 

For international shipping, your order will be shipped using DHL. After years of using different carriers such as FedEx, Fed Express, UPS, USPS, etc., we have selected DHL as our sole carrier abroad. DHL has proven to be competitive, prompt, and professional. We do not ship abroad on customer accounts.


For international orders we require payment in advance, either by credit card or wire. For returning customers, payment anytime before shipment is acceptable; for new customers we enter your order into the queue upon receipt of your credit card number or wire payment. International shipping also requires extra paperwork and handling charges.

We do not charge any taxes or duties on international shipments. If any are due, they must be paid by the customer.

Credit Cards

The simplest way to order is by credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We do not use PayPal. We also accept university purchase orders; the advanced payment is still required.

We very much prefer credit cards for export orders, as we can charge your card at the time of shipment, with accurate shipping and handling charges included. For wire payments we create a proforma invoice and email it to you so you can wire the funds to us, but we must estimate the shipping and handling charges, and will estimate high, to cover any variances.

For institutional and personal credit cards, when we ship your glass we will charge the order to your card with the actual shipping and handling costs, and will email you a copy of the paid invoice.

We think it unwise to email credit card numbers in the clear, as we don't know who might be sipping at the bitstream, and four groups of four digits is pretty easy to watch for. You can call or fax the card account numbers and expiration date, or break it into two emails, or any other way that seems easy to you, and will be obvious to us.

Wire transfers

For wire transfers, we absorb the fees that our bank charges us, but not those that your bank charges you. In some cases your bank may not be able to wire to us directly, but must go through a third bank, who extract their fees from the total, and pass a shortened amount on to us. We regard this as Bad Bank Behavior. Please confirm the situation with your bank, and adjust the total appropriately; having to deal with a short payment causes delays and extra service charges. When you are ready to place your order, we will provide banking details for your wire payment.

We add a wire handling charge of $40.00, as no one seems to pay any attention to this. If you can guarantee that the correct invoiced amount will be paid to us, you may delete this line item. If, however, the amount we receive is not complete, we will not ship your order until the difference is made up. You would need to arrange for the completion of the payment, adding $10 to cover our extra bank wire service charge. We are a small business, and cannot afford to discount our products at the whim of the banks.