Hose Barbs

The simplest way to connect plastic and rubber tubing to glassware is through the use of  serrated hose barbs, either glass or plastic, or a combination of the two as use dictates. They are routine connections for the transfer of  vacuum, gas and liquid, and come in a variety of forms. We have a number of off-the-shelf component choices, as well as the ability to fabricate specific sizes. The important information for sizing these components is the ID of the tubing that will be used, and to a certain extent, its hardness. Scroll down for examples of various hose barbs.

3L Custom Jacketed Reactor detail

 tissue chamber detailEukaryotic Cell Culture Bioreactor
The style shown above is commonly called a "marie" 

Borosilicate Test ChambersPlastic Hose Barbs
 Shown below is a solution for coupling glass tubing to rigid tubing
such as plastic and metal.
These are called compression fittings and  are available in a number of sizes


CO2 CellKeck-Montageset Hose BarbsRepair
We frequently repair broken glass hose barbs.
This is perhaps our most common repair job.