Glass Manifolds

We manufacture glass manifolds and Schlenk lines in an amazing variety of configurations: single or double (vacuum & inert gas), glass or Teflon stopcocks in assorted forms, connections in every size joint or hose barb, and so on. You, the customer, get to choose which style of glass manifold fits your situation most appropriately. We offer assistance in choosing; our extensive experience is derived from considerable customer feedback.

We make oil diffusion pumps, vacuum traps, associated connectors, valve assemblies, Schlenk ware, and custom glassware for vacuum use.

We can interface with a wide variety of connections for vacuum: hose barbs, ground glass joints, o-ring joints, Swagelok and Cajon fittings, UltraTorr, NW (KF) flanges, etc. 

 Schlenk Line Manifold

8-place Manifold

Pictured below; 1/4"-28 glass thread
outboard end connections1/4-28 glass thread