Special Projects: Quadruple MFC Cell

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This project illustrates one of our strengths - flexibility. We get consistant requests for variations on themes. Traditionally this has been the province of institutional glassblowing, and we have been happily occupying this niche since our inception. But getting it right the first time is non trivial.

Scroll down for more images that illustrate a couple of challenges this time around.

A request for this multichambered microbial fuel cell (MFC) came in from an international research institution who found us on the web. After looking through our galleries, they saw something close to what they needed - close, but not quite. This is the reason we do not stock a lot of glassware.

 The imperative to get it right the first time is not only a cost issue for fabrication; the researcher is depending on this glassware to work. These cells are intended to be separated by membranes mounted on the NW glass flanges using NW hardware shown on the right. This particular iteration presents compound alignment issues in addition to clearance concerns.

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Quadruple Cell Assembled (/images/uploads/2267_5f528cd84db76.jpg)

100ml media bottles and their off-the-shelf caps and septa, help keep the costs down.
And a check for clamp clearances when finally assembled is important to confirm before shipping half way around the world . Quadruple Cell Glass Only (/images/uploads/2270_5f529c4b76732.jpg)

Quadruple MFC Cell Quadruple MFC Cell (/images/uploads/2265_5f4ac159b6964.jpg) The image on the right  illustrates the alignment of the flanges. NW25 flanges will support mounted membranes between the central reservoir, below, and the other chambers.
Quadruple MFC Central Chamber (/images/uploads/2271_5f52d237c38d5.jpg) Quadruple Cell Detail (/images/uploads/2269_5f529aced8613.jpg)

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