Special Projects: Perfusion Platform Prototype

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We received a request for an interesting project featured in the images on the right. Borosilicate glass is a durable and biocompatible material ideal for developing medical devices. The client, Functional Circulation, designed this platform to fit snugly within a perfusion machine. The intended use is the support of living human organs immediately proir to surgical implantion. Perfusion is a method of infusing blood to keep an organ alive outside the body. It is performed in a sealed and sterilized stainless steel enclosure, shown below.

This image shows the 13" glass stage within the close fitting stainless housing. The platter sits in the middle of the enclosure, supports the organ, and has a gentle slope to aid drainage while preventing the organ from bunching-up in the middle.

Drain holes are positioned around the outside of the "foot".

This platform can be reliably cleaned and autoclaved. The detail on the right shows the feature that enables the removal of the platform from the close fitting stainless enclosure,  allowing finger access for lifting the platform out.

Several of these units are now out in the field.

Perfusion Platform Prototype Purfusion stage (/images/uploads/2278_601dc7ae614c8.jpg) Platform in context (/images/uploads/2292_60245dc4a1795.jpg) Platform detail (/images/uploads/2275_601db93de0585.jpg)

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