Special Projects: Borosilicate Toxicity Flow-through Chambers

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We were contacted by the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center for a project related to aquatic toxicology that required flow-through testing chambers. Though these chambers are not commercially available, the client provided enough information, including a link describing previous work, that made this very straightforward. 

The client described the basic parameters such as desired volume, ease of access, and frit porosity support, and we prepared a sketch that incorporated current off-the-shelf hardware. 

These vessels will be used to monitor coral. We were gratified to be contacted by a client from a previous job, and also delighted to participate in this kind of work.

Below, find the previous research that this current project is based on;
Aurand, D. and G. Coelho (Editors). 2005. Cooperative Aquatic Toxicity Testing of Dispersed Oil and the "Chemical Response to Oil Spills: Ecological Effects Research Forum (CROSERF)." Ecosystem Management & Associates, Inc. Lusby, MD. Technical Report 07-03, 105 pages + Appendices

CROSERF Flow-through Toxicity Chamber

Flow-through Toxicity Chamber

"While all of the CROSERF participants used these chambers, they are not commercially available, and so other designs for flow-through testing may be used...... "

Abby was kind enough to send us pictures of her setup in progress, and also some kind words;

"Hello Tom and Mary,
I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for the design and fabrication of the custom flow-through exposure test chambers for my laboratory. The level of personal attention and contact regarding the special needs of my project was very much appreciated and "above and beyond" what is expected. The chambers arrived in perfect condition and look fantastic; the expert craftsmanship and construction are very much apparent. This is my second custom glassware order from Adams & Chittenden and both are exceptional!

Very best regards,

D. Abigail Renegar
Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center
Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystems Research
National Coral Reef Institute"

Borosilicate Toxicity Flow-through Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

Flow-through Test Chambers

Flow Thru Chambers in Action

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