VA Still

Volatile Acid Still / Cash Still


The Volatile Acid Still is a glass apparatus specific to the wine industry, for the determination of volatile acids in wine by steam distillation. Our standard glass VA still includes an aspirator pump to suck the sample out after completion of the analysis, allowing for rapid cycling of samples. Its precursor was the glass Cash Still and many people refer to these stills generically as "Cash still" or "RD80". For historical interest, see our notes on the history of the VA Still. Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass manufactures both the VA Still and Cash Still, offering an exceptionally high quality product, with a new, improved cordset and connector, and a large capacity condenser, at competitive prices. We have been making VA Stills and Cash Stills our entire glassblowing careers. We are proud of our stills; they have a high "Wow" factor and demonstrate our skills and quality. For instructions on setup and operation, see the Instructions.

We were entertained to hear a SoundClip on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" on Hearing a Wine's Acidity featuring the sound of the VA Still. Thanks to Patrick Taylor of Cuneo Cellars for permission to use his words and sounds.

Volatile Acid Still