Special Projects: Jacketed Column w Expansion Bellows

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We recieved a request for a jacketed column test chamber.
This column is a meter long and will be subject to temperature differences between the inner tube and the outer temperature jacket. In order to accommodate these differences over the length of the column, we have incorporated a glass bellows in the design; the bellows allow for flexing of the glass during heat cycling.

 Bellows Column Drawing

The client writes; "The jacketed column is being used for gas sensor research in conjunction with a calibration gas generator that provides VOC and humidity control along with temperature controlled water that is recirculated. The column is very well constructed and provides a very stable environment for sensor testing. The flange at each end of the column is used to provide for air tight connections of the gas supply and electrical connections to the sensors under test."


And he was kind enough to send along a picture of the column In Situ...
Bellows In Situ

Jacketed Column w Expansion Bellows

The client has prepared end caps to suit their needs, made from other materials and easily interfaced with the DN100 glass  Schott flanges.

Column Detail

...along with some good news;
"BTW, do you think you could ship similar jacketed tube to Nanjing, China? I will call you later this week to discuss."

We would love to!

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