Rotovap and Lyophilization

Rotary Evaporation and Lyophilization Glassware

We make a wide range of glassware for rotary evaporators (rotovap) and lyophilization. In addition to standard glassware for Buchi, Heidolph, Virtis,etc., we have developed specialty glassware to address the needs of our clients. We would be happy to address yours as well.  You'll find more pictures of this kind of glassware in the evaporation gallery.

Condensers for rotary evaporation

We manufacture (and repair) condensers for all varieties of rotovap equipment, both dry ice coldfinger and coil condensers. We can also customize them to your needs. We normally plastic coat the bodies for safety.

for use with circulating coolant    

Rotary evaporator traps
We manufacture "bump traps" in a variety of sizes and configurations. The most common are based on a 250 ml round bulb, with the inside tube coming up from the male joint. Usually we provide drain holes. Many other choices are available.

come in various styles and flavors

Flying saucer trap
A popular style is the so-called "Flying saucer trap" whose body is a seriously oblate spheroid, providing a large enough trap volume while shortening the overall length. This allows the use of larger recovery flasks in your evaporator.

shortens the length of the trap to use larger flasks.

One and two liter receivers
We manufacture round bottom receivers for rotary evaporators. The standard uses a heavy wall flask with a 35/20 socket joint and plastic coating. A number of sizes are available. Plastic coating is optional, and recommended.

are usually plastic coated for safety

Machajewski adapter
The Machajewski adapter allows direct evaporation from 20 ml vials. A 24/40 female joint is sealed to an open tube with a stopper to close the bottom. The vial can be slid into the adapter, evaporated, and slid out without removing the adapter from the evaporator. This was designed at the suggestion of Tim Machajewski of Novartis.

for vial rotary evaporation

Vial adapters
We also make vial adapters to connect directly to threaded vials, consisting of a 24/40 female joint sealed to a 20 mm thread, and a Teflon/screwcap connector to match your vial or testtube thread. See our chart of nominal thread sizes for common vials

to connect vials directly to the rotovap

Rotovap cleaner
The rotovap cleaner assists you in cleaning out the gunk that accumulates in the vapor duct and head of your rotary evaporator. With the rotation stopped, connect the cleaner to the vapor duct with the stopcock closed. Add solvent to the funnel, turn on the vacuum, then open the stopcock. The solvent will burst through the vapor duct into the head, cleaning out the residues.

cleans your rotovap by blasting solvent through by vacuum power

Lyophilizer adapters
Lyophilizer adapters connect your flasks and vessels to the lyophilizer manifold. We make ours in a variety of styles: straight tubes, bent tubes, taper joint to tube adapters, joint to hose barb adapters, with and without fritted filters inserted for protection of your pump.

Lyophilization glassware.image.jpg (/images/uploads/1031.jpg)

Foam/powder stops
We make a variety of adapters with extra coarse frits inserted, to prevent foam and/or powder from contaminating the rotovap or lyophilizer pump. These can be as simple as a set of two joints with the frit interposed, or a frit sealed into the bump trap itself, or into a lyophilizer adapter.

These show a notched frit, to provide a vacuum pathway even when the frit has water frozen on it, blocking the gas flow.

to protect the system from your product, and your product from that of your neighbors