We are members and corporate sponsors of our national organization.

BSSG British Society of Scientific Glassblowers.

Corning Manufacturers of Pyrex™ (borosilicate) glass tubing.

Corning Museum of Glass some good definitions of glass types.

Schott Manufacturers of borosilicate glass tubing.

Simax Manufacturers of borosilicate glass tubing.

Momentive has a window thickness calculator

GM Associates Suppliers of quartz tubing and more.

Technical Glass Products Suppliers of quartz tubing and more.

Salem Community Collegethe only place in the US offering courses in scientific glassblowing

Litton Glassblowing equipment and supplies.

FletcherTerry flat glass cutting tools

Marcorubber purveyors of orings, and their chemical compatibilty chart

Aremco High temperature glass adhesives and pastes

Cotronics More High temp adhesives

Loctite Light-cure adhesives for glass

Swagelok Co. Teflon and stainless steel fittings

The Nature of Glass Remains Anything but Clear, from the NYT 

also, The physics of colloidal glass may be of interest...

and a little history of stained glass

A history of Pyrex 

Glass on the Web has lots of links, and a good forum.

Society of Glass Technology A non-profit organization serving a worldwide membership interested in glass related topics.

Glass Line; Hot glass arts and artists

A Panoramic survey of neon pumping systems

Studiosoft; looking for glass bottles?

McMaster-Carr  Suppliers of almost everything. We love these guys!

Linscott's Directory of Immunological & Biological Reagents - Find sources for thousands of antibodies, antigens, assays, custom services and more for biotech research.

Kleinbottle Fun!

Flowers from glass  the amazing Blaschka Brothers

Bay Web Design; our current web help. Punctual and he codes!