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Scientific Glass

We manufacture laboratory glassware and glass tools for scientific and industrial uses of all sorts. Our primary medium is borosilicate, or Pyrex glass. Our capabilities include the fabrication of standard laboratory glassware and all types of custom designed glass apparatus. We are manufacturers of OEM glass parts as well, in quantities of hundreds or thousands as required.

We are known for our ability to execute customers' designs skillfully, as well as to devise intelligent solutions for customers' problems, from concept to glassware.  Our location in the heart of one of the world's most vibrant centers for research and technology has given us lots of specific experience with glassware relating to biotech, biofuels, pharmaceutical, electrochemical, medicinal, and general chemistry applications. We provide cost effective solutions for your glassware needs, and are committed to maintaining outstanding quality and service.

We are happy that borosilicate glass continues to be a unique and viable material for all kinds of research, testing, and production and we'd like to keep it that way! These pages are intended to introduce you to us and to scientific glassblowing, and to help you make good choices for your glassware. In a global marketplace, our success depends on satisfied customers.  

H2O2 Bubbler
Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Generator