Schott Flanges


Plasma chamber w DN150 flanges
Plasma chamber

5L stirred jacketed reactor

5L Stirred jacketed reactor

Schott flanges are available in five sizes. They are called out by their inside dimensions in millimeters:  DN60, DN100, DN120, DN150 and DN200. The three configurations shown in the photo on the right are standard off-the-shelf components: flat flange, flat flange with a domed top (as a lid), and flange with o-ring groove. Typically, a vessel will utilize one o-ring flange with either a flat flange or a "domed" or "lid" blank flange. Many configurations are possible, including custom machined interfaces.


DN60 flanges
all three configurations

A stainless steel wraparound toggle clamp holds the flanges together, with an o-ring between the mating parts. This photo shows how the shape of the clamp conforms to the shape of the glass flanges. There are a number of o-ring choices, including viton and teflon encapsulated silicone. An o-ring compatability chart can be referenced here.

The flanges are rated for one atmosphere of differential pressure, either full vacuum or internal pressure.

crossectional view
clamp/flange interface
& red silicone oring

On the right is an example of  a custom interface between a DN200 Schott flange component and a base machined from teflon utilizing the Schott clamp. This approach can be used for a "head" as well.  In addition to teflon, stainless steel is an alternative material interface, and can be machined to provide drive support and vessel porting.

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The photos below shows a custom glass vessel utilizing DN200 flanges. An all glass "head" is constructed on a DN200 "lid", and a DN200 o-ring flange is fused on a 100L round bottom flask. 


100Liter cGMP reaction vessel

Custom Teflon Base
100L glass reaction flask