Special Projects: Stem Cell Organ Production Chamber

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This project is straightforward with regards to construction; a chamber designed around off-the-shelf Schott flanges. It is the work that is being done in them that is amazing.

We were contacted by Dr. Harald Ott, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, who needed a vessel to construct and grow organs using stem cells. A brief description of the process was explained as using native scaffolding as a framework to support the growth of organs - organs such as hearts and kidneys. The potential benefits seem obvious and profound.

Being a prototype, porting requirements were kept flexible with GL18 glass threads providing options.

The image below illustrates some of the necessary hardware.

GL18 Porting Fittings
Specifically from left to right; closed caps, open caps, plastic hose barbs, septa for piercing, and teflon-faced sealing rings for 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm diameter insertions.

 You can see another example of a chamber along these lines here.

Stem Cell Organ Production Chamber

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