Special Projects: Photoelectrochemical Cells

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We were contacted by Dr. Leigh Sheppard of the University of Western Sydney, Australia, where he and his associates are setting up a laboratory for Echem  and photoelectrochemistry, the Solar Energy Technologies Group. From their site page at UWS;
"The mission is to develop a new generation of photosensitive materials for the conversion of solar energy into alternative energy..."

Dr. Sheppard presented a number of his ideas for electrochemical cells, and over the course of a few months, together we refined these ideas and built a number of unique PEC cells for their work.

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And scroll down to see some of these cells.

CO2 Cell

The cells below and right are variants of cells that appears in our echem gallery, modified to suit their needs. Both utilize quartz windows glued in place.

PEC Cells

Solar Hydrogen Cell 
 (at right and below) 

The detail below shows the GC carrier gas inlet, which ports through a 1/4"-28 glass thread for a convenient  interface with readily available fittings.

Solar-Hydrogen Cell detail

RRDE cell

 These cells shown at the right, have a quartz window mounted on the bottom; a support ring or "skirt", is built into the cell to help keep the window from being scratched.

RRDE cell

In addition to these custom PEC cells, the client also perused our gallery and found some of our previous work that was suitable for his purposes.
Echem Glassware
RDE Cells shown with their luggin capillaries

Photoelectrochemical Cells

Lots of PEC Cells

Solar-Hydrogen Cell

RRDE Cell upright

Cyclic Voltammetry Cell
utilizing NW50 glass flanges and hardware
CV Cell

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