Special Projects: Glass Ion Exchange Columns

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Pictured here are jacketed borosilicate ion exchange columns prepared for a local company working on solid oxide fuel cell technology. These particular columns are third iterations as this work has progressed.


Client email;
"We have been using both of the pieces that you and your team have created for us and they are working great. When I came to you with little more than an idea you created glassware that was perfect for our needs. On top of that you created them quickly and at a very reasonable price. Thank you for your excellent service."

Scroll down for some details;

Top opening utilizing NW glass flanges, clamp, and seal set.
Column detail

 Packing support using P1 sintered glass frit, and porting through 1/4" medium wall tubing that will interface with standard Swage fittings using teflon ferrules.Column support

Glass Ion Exchange Columns

The client was interested in reference lines, provided here by a simple glass decaled scale

Column detail 

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