Special Projects: Glass Cyclones

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The "blue" cyclone on the right is a custom jacketed glass cyclone viewed under polarized light, before being annealed. The colors reveal various states of compression and tension that result from the heat-cycling which the glass goes through in manufacture. These stresses are "relieved" in the annealing process. The internal structure is nicely revealed in the polarized light, something that is a little tricky to show in regular photography.

We have made a lot of glass cyclones, typically for separation of spray dried powders,
and increasingly for foodstuffs. Glass allows for direct observation of the cyclonic/separation process.
Small glass cyclonecyclone inlet

Custom profiled inlets are formed using carbon tooling

A client emails;

"Hi George,

Thanks for the quick turn-around time on the cyclones. We’ve been using these on our Buchi spray driers for a few years and are quite happy with them. They are much easier to handle in confined spaces and more efficient at capturing finer particles than the original cyclone. Thanks again for accommodating us during your busy holiday schedule and have a happy new year."


See also an extended comment about one of our cyclones from
a happy, old-school customer.... OK boomer!

Glass Cyclones Glass cyclone

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