Special Projects: Custom Test Chamber

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These custom 8" ID chambers are intended to provide a uniform and quantifiable environment for in-house testing of a consumer product. In addition to some custom machined internal plates, these chambers are silanized with an inert silane coating for additional analytic reliability.
Dr. Steven O'Connel of MyExposome was kind enough to send along pictures of the silanized chambers, pictured below.

Silanized Chamber

The custom machined teflon plates are shown here; the top plate will diffuse gasses evenly across the samples placed below, and will seal the chamber utilizing an oring-style ridge that fits snuggly into the Schott DN200 oring flange. The bottom plate drops in and sits on a tooled seat and supports the samples. 

Teflon Dispersion Plates

The head, shown on the right, is plumbed using two ports; a GL25 glass thread and appropriate plastic fittings provide the seal for instrumentation, and a simple perforated internal diffuser as a gas inlet is sealed directly into the head and will utilize a compression fitting. An outlet is also provided on the bottom of the chamber using the same 3/8" OD glass tubing.

The assembly is sealed with an off-the-shelf stainless clamp.

Dr. O"Connell writes;
"Looks great, and I passed this along to our CEO, who appreciates the work as well. We are happy to have worked with you all, and appreciate the attention to detail that you all provided."

Custom Test Chamber Teflon Top Plate Chamber Dispersion tube

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