Special Projects: Custom Mixing Bottles

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Pictured here is a project for a client working on heat treating a catalyst powder. They had procured a rotating oven that utilized an off-the-shelf borosilicate bottle, which was mounted horizontally and captured by spring-loaded stainless steel ends sized to the bottle. Mixing occurs as the furnace rotated the shafts with a slow, circa 300 degree back-and-forth oscillation. We were asked to maintain the geometry of the bottle ends, but provide a larger volume within the constraints of this oven.

The client writes;
"We were using a standard 1 liter reagent bottle to process powders in a rotary tube furnace and needed to make larger batches, but were constrained to a fixed bottle height by the furnace itself. A larger diameter was possible but alas, not available off the shelf.
A&C had done custom glasswork for me in the past, and I was sure they could handle this. A brief conversation with Tom Adams and a few pictures were enough to finalize a design that included internal baffles for better mixing.
The bottles were received as expected and are working beautifully.
Thank you!"

Custom Baffled Bottle

Custom Mixing Bottles

Below, the bottle has been rotated slightly to better show the baffles

Custom Baffled Reactor

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