Special Projects: Borosilicate PEC Cell

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This project extends the variety of our custom borosilicate electrochemical cells.  Variation is the norm, it seems....

A university researcher had some specific requirements regarding hardware, and together we developed this cell set.

The intention is H2 and O2 detection, and two quartz windows mounted on opposite sides of a membrane were required. Also, there were some concerns in porting rather short probes, so we have kept the overal height low by building a flat profiled lid.

NW63 flanges are used for the body, and NW25 flanges provide a membrane mount connecting the cell set halves in addition to mounting the 30mm quartz windows.

Quartz Window Mounting

Several different diameter probes are accommodated using off-the-shelf inserts that interface with GL14 glass threads. Mocked-up below and at the right are the teflon collet-style seals at 1/16", 1/8" (with blue caps), in addtion to teflon-faced, silcone seals through GL14 and GL25 (red caps); 1/4" diameter and 7/8" respectively.

Bushing Detail

Our client writes,

"Thank you very much for all your hard work making our amazing hydrogen and oxygen detection photoelectrochemical cell. Your excellent design advice and expert craftsmanship resulted in a very impressive final product. It's even better than I expected. This cell will give us the ability to do experiments that we couldn't have done without it. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I will definitely contact you again the next time I need custom glassware!"

Jesse Benck
Stanford University

Borosilicate PEC Cell Borosilicate PEC Cell Various Sealing Options

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