Special Projects: Borosilicate Extractor

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We were contacted by an organization that is involved in osteobiologics. Specifically, they are processing bone tissue for medical operations such as bone grafts. They had been using an extraction setup that was less that satisfactory and came to us for help. 

After a number of discussions about what they wanted to do, and how they intended to do it, we designed the vessel you see pictured here.

10L Extraction Vessel Disassembled
An important feature is the detachable flat-bottomed portion of the vessel. The flat bottom makes magnetic stiirring straightforward and when detached, will act as a "beaker" to contain 2000cc of their final, settled material and will not require a transfer to another vessel, which would entail product loss.

Their extraction processes involve cleaning and flushing their material. They wanted an adjustable, filtered take-off, which was easily accomplished using off-the-shelf components featured below and on the right. The simple porting integrates easily into their current setup.

Extractor Porting Detail
a P2 fritted disc filters the take-off



 These teflon-faced silicone sealing rings come in several sizes, corresponding to the GL famliy of glass threads. They make great air-tight seals

Borosilicate Extractor Extractor porting
Extractor Detail

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