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Ultrapure Salt Reactor

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A researcher needed sodium chloride that was completely free of impurities, for research into an understanding of Bromine as essential for basement membrane architecture and tissue development.  When he could not find this material on the market (even high grade NaCl has trace amounts of bromine), he decided to make his own and together we designed this reactor for that purpose. 

 Fuming hydrochloric acid is placed in the outer section, and pure sodium hydroxide is placed in a Teflon beaker. The NaOH is stirred, and reacts with the HCl to make NaCl. The scientist's initial efforts were problematic: the Teflon beaker floated and spun when stirred.

Ultrapure Salt Reactor

We designed a vessel with an interior sleeve fused to the bottom of the reactor to hold the beaker in place on center.

Shown on the right is the fit of the internal glass sleeve, which is notched to fit the spout on the teflon beaker. This is intended to keep the beaker from spinning when the contents are stirred. 


The client was happy, and we are delighted that we continue to be relevant to old fashioned wet chemistry. The published work appears in Cell - http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2014.05.009

Ultrapure salt reactor detail