Scientific Glass Products

We have extensive experience with most standard scientific and laboratory glassware, as well as a long history of designing and building custom borosilicate tools. The pages listed on the left illustrate some of the many items we produce for our ever expanding customer base around the world.

Please note; we have no catalog. You can search our extensive galleries, and the site generally, for what interests you.  

Our equipment gives us the capabilities to make glass apparatus on a large or small scale. We have established working relationships with customers ranging from the largest international biotech companies, governmental and university laboratories, to small one-person labs. We enjoy collaborating with the people who use our products, and are interested to learn as much as we can about the processes and uses to which our products are applied. Our customers educate us about their research, and we educate them about glass. We like that.

We emphasize that:
Everything we manufacture or repair is done individually. We can make or modify most items and will consider any specifications you may have. We understand the need for quick deliveries and we make every effort to meet that need; we maintain a stock of most sizes of tubing and components, so we usually have the necessary materials in hand. It is usually the backlog on our skillful glassblowers that prolong deliveries....

Glass continues to be indispensable for research and industry, and we'd like to keep it that way! On a historical note; Dr. Alan Macfarlane writes about the significance of glass products: “We randomly picked 20 famous experiments that changed our world--Thomson's discovery of electrons, Faraday's work on electricity, and Newton's splitting of white light into its component colors with a prism, for example--and found that 15 of them could not have been performed without glass tools.”


fritted solvent suckers