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Glass Pool Plugs

This is a simple one, but fun and unexpected...

We were asked by T. A. Krebs Architecture to produce a large diameter glass "pool plug"; a relief blow-out for hydrostatic pressure below an empty swimming pool. It turns out that this can be a serious problem, and the architect designed a solution using glass, which is very strong under compression.

The idea is to embed the conical glass pool plug within the concrete structure of the pool at a low point in the pool (the deep end). The large opening faces up, and in the advent of a disaster, such as a hurricane sucking the water out of the pool, the portion of concrete lining within the glass cone would be pushed out by the pressure exerted from the ground water below, saving the structure and integrity of the pool. Apparently, a "floated"or "popped" concrete or gunite pool is a complete loss otherwise.

This is not something we would have expected to require borosilicate glass, let alone scientific glassblowing! Nonetheless, we were happy to provide glassware for the solution.

Pool Plug