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The Alinea Project


Find here the art and artistry of Allen Hemberger, a local chef who wanted to use glass in his presentations tableside. Though the actual glass is very simple, we love the way he has integrated it into his presentations. He describes his process below, and more fully on his blog
We are aware that contemporary chef's and distillers are using non-traditional techniques and tools in the kitchen, including laboratory glassware and equipment, and it was delightful to see these great images of glass in context. Regular-type food afficiandos are finding their way to our door as well

All images presented here are by Allen Hemberger

Watchglass #2

Allen writes,
"The components are layered in a glass sleeve I had custom-made at Adams-Chittenden, a scientific glass manufacturer I found in Berkeley. They’re super-lovely to work with and helped guide my decisions when trying to figure out measurements for the sleeves. Tableside the glass is lifted and the contents spill out into the bowl in which the course is served. At the bottom are walnut-sized chunks of ginger gelee, followed by a nice spoonful of the BLiS roe. Then in went a few oysters, some scallion slices, and the whole collection is topped with beer foam."


Short Cylinder
Cylinder on dark plate Tube with Roe